Welcome to Kuhars!
For more than 30 years, Kuhar's has been serving Northeast Ohio with its authentic European
cuisines and  timeless recipes. Customer circles from the West side of Cleveland to Ashtabula
County know the name Kuhar's and equate it to the best home cooked meals at competitive

In its second generation, Kuhar's continues to keep high volume carry-out and catering orders
flowing through their kitchen. These include dishes like: Weiner Schnitzel, Stuffed Cabbage,
Home Fries & Homemade Strudel just like the ones from our Grandmother's kitchens. All meals
are prepared on-site with the freshest ingredients. Recipes are timeless and have been past
down through generations.

"We know how important price is to our customers. That is why we continue to perform many
functions internally including cutting our own meat and making the various strudel flavors in
house"  says its current owners Dan and Josie Luketic, son-in-law and daughter of founder John

If you are not big on European cuisines. Kuhar's offer and array of sandwiches and dinners
including roast beef and fried chicken.

Kuhar's has expanded its corporate and private catering service to include on-site delivery and
items not found on it's carry-out menu.

Come in or call to try our unique gourmet carry-out and catering cuisines, you'll keep coming
New Location

   Fried Chicken $9.75             Hungarian Goulash $10.25

Swiss Steak $9.95                   Stuffed Cabbage $9.75

Chicken Paprikash $9.95            Wiener Schnitzel $10.25

Spaghetti & Meatballs $9.25             Breaded Pork Chops $9.95

Fish Fry Perch $9.95                        Roasted Beef Dinner $9.75

Roast Pork $9.95                        Salisbury Steak $9.75

Dinners include:
Choice of Potato, Homemade Bread
& Vegetable